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The Foundation supports charitable partners in Canada that work actively and effectively in our priority granting areas. With a specific focus on marginalized and underserved communities, we make deliberate — and often multi-year — grants to both large and grassroots registered charities.

We understand the importance of addressing the systemic roots and impacts of inequality. As such, our funding interests include services delivered in communities, advocacy and awareness initiatives, and research and knowledge development. We embrace ambition and creativity, but also value solutions known to work.  

Healthy people

We aim to increase the health and well-being of marginalized people by removing barriers they face to accessing care and support. This includes strengthening:

  • Capacity of community-based health services
  • Health access in underserved regions
  • Ways to address stigma and cultural barriers to care
  • Climate-related health interventions

Thriving Communities

We aim to help communities reduce the effects of social and economic inequality by funding solutions identified and endorsed by communities most affected. This includes supporting: 

  • Community-developed responses to racism and poverty
  • Inter-cultural and inter-generational initiatives
  • Economic empowerment strategies
  • Mentoring and development  

Livable Planet

We aim to slow the speed of climate change and tackle its inequitable impacts in communities and economies. This includes supporting:

  • Community-based climate innovation, mitigation, and adaptation strategies
  • Climate-related disaster planning and response
  • Pollution solutions
  • Energy and economic transition  

Our mission, vision, and values


Our mission: The Foundation works with charitable partners across Canada to tackle inequity, barriers to good health and opportunity, and climate-related challenges.

Our vision: A healthy, equitable, and flourishing world

The work of the Foundation is grounded in:


Honouring our legacy of co-operative action, we work with and through others to strengthen the common good.


Demonstrating trust and ensuring good stewardship, we enhance the impact of our selected charitable partners and other stakeholders.


Believing philanthropy must advance equity, we invest in change that makes Canada and the world more inclusive.